Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Another Wednesday passes and another new week of comics:

And the book featured on the right is my pick of the week, though I only purchased a minute amount of books this week, that doesn't matter. I'm just glad I didn't have to face down an army of Re-animen, though, neither did Mr. Grayson, technically, yet.

On to the REVIEWS!!!!!!!!!

Wolverine Origins 23

Not bad. Not bad at all. A very well staged fight between the titular character and Deadpool, one of the best characters in the overall Marvel stable of characters.

Deadpool is a little more insane than usual. A little wackier than he's been for years. And this battle hearkens quite a nice way back to Wolverine #88 where Wolverine fought Deadpool who was going after Garrison Kane and Copycat (as he was in love with Copycat).

The banter is better. The story is a little more polished. The strange way Deadpool is talking to himself in the book is quite clever, not to mention the fact that he doesn't know how to spell Wolverine and he still breaks the fourth wall. And when Wolverine cuts off his fingers and takes away his ability to use his weapons, HA!

Quite an awesome book. And I don't care what anybody thinks, Steve Dillon is a stud on art.

Just look at the last splash page and tell me I'm wrong.


Promises were made. Hints were laid and traps were set. This book had all the undercutting depth of any Spidey comic (pre-One More Day) and the darkness from Watchmen (trust me, it's there). Cecil Steadman has been covering up events from Invincible's work. Taking down certain crazy crimefighters who were killing any person in their city who broke the law, in any way. No news story broke.

The inventor of the Reanimen, on the government books. Working for Cecil's department and creating an ARMY OF REANIMEN, just like Mark's old pal Rick Sheridan (I have a feeling he's on his way back into the book in a big way). Mark has been lied to. Every other superhero in the book (Dynamo 5, Astounding Wolf-man, Savage Dragon, Brit, Donald, etc) had no clue why Mark was fighting Darkwing (the new Darkwing, who had taken over for his recently murdered counterpart). He was pissed. Visibly so.

So he took it to Cecil. He bitched. He learned secrets. Got no answers about why DA Sinclair was working for them or Darkwing was or anything. Why certain stories had been suppressed from the news. And what happened at the end?


Cecil made the room go all white (like he's done in the past to hide things) and the issue ends with a splash, of Mark and Cecil, surrounded by Reanimen breaking through the white areas. And Cecil claims he did it for the element of surprise.


I love this book. I've purchased it since issue one. Have all the hardcovers. Eagerly waiting for each issue that comes out. And now, like I said, it seems like not only is it superheroes and the work they do to protect the world, but now, the behind the scenes is coming more in. Watchmen metaphors come into mind and the thought that the main character may have to give up his secret identity and retire is becoming more of a reality. Either that or fight back, from the looks of the next issue's cover. I CANNOT WAIT FOR ISSUE 50!!!!

And right now, I'm listening to the Stone by Ashes Divide, which is awesome, and applying for things. Things of a nature that hopefully will turn into something more.



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