Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's been awhile

Staind sucks. What's funny is the picture above Wolverine, with all the army soldiers, look at the guy on the left hugging the wall. Is that? Could it be? Patrick McCormack? Movie star? Super-hero? Army soldier? X-men villain goon?

Anyways, look at them guns on Wolvie. What a hardass.



It's been awhile since I've posted. Got a lot of news on that front.

My beard is making a full comeback. Dirty Man continues to roll lovingly. I've started taking after a personal hero of mine, named Grizzly Adams.
That's me. Right there. Crazy how similar Grizzly and I look now.

Anyways, the news. Huey Lewis rules. The News is the greatest band ever. Or something.

News. News news news.

I've been submitting comic ideas, sending writing inquiries, and just about anything you can think of to break into the comic book world. Finally, FINALLY, someone commented back. Sent me a response.

And it was good news.

A small, independent comic company has set a possible contract in place for myself to write a one-shot or series of one-shots for the company. What it is, I'm not sure I can reveal yet.










Holy shit. A dream I've had since my first comic sat in my sweaty little hands. A dream, to draw comics, that changed over time as my drawing prowess didn't grow exponentially but my writing skill did. A dream that rolled into writing and directing movies but still stuck right there in the comic world.

I love comics.

I love comic books.

I love superheroes, villains, monsters, horror, everything about comics.

Any of my reader(s) will know that about me. I live, breathe, eat, sleep, bleed comics. I constantly school people in my knowledge of all things comics, quoting certain issues where certain things happened. Years when characters died. Origins were told.

I'm a comic geek. And I wear the badge like a Red Badge of Courage.

It is my curse and my wish to be a comic geek.

Anyways, more news forthcoming. This isn't finalized, by any means. But next week I am supposed to call or email the editor/publisher of the company and talk turkey.

Here's hoping that I will have finalized news asap.

Keep them fingers crossed. We're shooting for the stars people.


Obsessedwithlife said...

Awesome. Keeping fingers crossed!!!!

Patrick McCormack said...

I vaugely remember being blown up in that movie. Honestly I phoned the whole thing in.

BUT: how do you know I'm dead? Old Hollywood lore, my friend: if you don't see me die, I ain't dead! So, where the fuck's my spin off sequal?!

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