Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Didn't See Cloverfield and You Did

So I didn't see Godzilla Slusho Whale at the box office prior to the movie coming out in theaters. Big whoop.

There is so much hype around that movie that I probably would have just thought Eh after seeing it anyways.

I'll wait and possibly see it when Scott comes back from Beantown.

I also had some very good reasons for not going.

1. I was sick

It's true. I still feel like crap as I'm writing this. That's the breaks when weather changes as damn much as it does in KC anyways, which is ridiculous.

2. I was studying

I had a Certification test for work to study for, which was an important part of keeping my job. And I passed. Which is cool. Even though I'm happy I passed, I still feel like something is missing.

3. I promised Scott I'd see it with him

I'm a big softy and Scott and I see movies together all the time. Plus, I have free movie money to AMC so that should work well into seeing this flick.

And there is a fourth reason why I didn't go, but I can't honestly remember what it was.

I know what it was. I wanted to get hits. That's what it was. So there must have been a fifth reason. Anyways, I didn't see Cloverfield and you did. You bastard.


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