Friday, November 16, 2007

Been a few

So yeah, it's been a few days since last update. Currently, I'm thinking about the future.

The future.

It's a strange sensation to constantly be thinking about the things that are coming up for me in the future. I have a promising lead with a screenplay, granted, nothing can happen as there is no way I will be a scab and cross a picket line. But that's fine.

This might be a VERY independent work. That's the way things work in these parts.

I've started talking more and more to one friend who I had thought I had lost or we had drifted apart. Now he and I are discussing the future together. Making plans. Making headway. Possibly creating new ways for our futures to intersect and for us and our respective spouse or girlfriend to be given a life more to their deserving.

So there's that.

Something ball-smashing: life starts anew and fresh with every new grown hair. The beard growth is exciting. We are passing day 20 as we speak, and there is a definite beard begun.

Currently listening to Chromeo's Fancy Footwork. Great album. Makes me really want to shake my ass. So does the new Hives record.

More will be posted soon. Screenplay in progress. Beard in progress. Life in progress.


Obsessedwithlife said...

Hi there dork. Thanks for scaring me at first with your commentator name ;). Anyways, nice blog, that's so cool about the screenplay! I didn't know or maybe I forgot...damn chemo-brain!

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